Sunday, 13 November 2016

Luxury Linen, Better than The White Company?

Having been rudely awoken by dazzling white winter light at some unholy hour for a Sunday, I decided to take advantage of at least being in luxurious linen sheets - even if I wasn't actually sleeping in them.

Purely digital, no frills (unlike those on my lingerie)
or fuss (other than a divinely smart piping in myriad colour schemes)
Draper London is the brand spanking new sister company to JosephineHome, a homeware brand inspired by the cosy, kettle-y touch of a loving grandmother, Josephine. Rather lovely!

An Egyptian cotton, high thread count aficionado, I know quality linen when I see it - I don't even have to make physical contact, I just know, you know?! It's the same with men; if linens were lovers, Draper London would be my soulmate - sorry Hugh! (Just kidding, you're awesome, even when you're dosing).

I dislike speaking negatively of other brands, but from an objective, comparative standpoint, I gotta say that, having grown up on The White Company, I'll always have a soft spot for it, but the sheets from Draper London are even softer than that spot, so, admittedly, I am a convert! 

Due to my new DL obsession and because everyone deserves gorgeous sleeps, here's 20% off with my code OW1 - just head on over to for velvety dreams and the best Sunday lie (or wake) in of your life. 

Now, I have some snoozing and admin-ignoring to catch up on... I wish you a pleasant day, and feel free to find me on Instagram - oliviaslondon - I'll see you there!

And so to bed...

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